mercredi 1 décembre 2010

Guitar Hero bundles review

I really think I've beaten the famous game for PS2. It is the game of rock music with the Guitar Hero bundles ! In this game, you have a physical guitar in the control of the music. Guitar Hero bundles is definitely a fun game to play at home with family and friends!

Guitar Hero bundles gives you a closer look and feel the reality, the regulator is close to a real guitar. A special feature is that you can change for rockers of the left hand! the guitar neck up five buttons will play with his left hand. Center of the controller has a button to strum strum to take notes. metal bar is also present to wiggle causing the notes of the curve and gives a surprising note.

No problem if you're not a rock / metal fan, there are songs for you! You get Crossroads, Ziggy Stardust, Sharp Dressed Man, Killer Queen, more than a feeling, and others. And for fans of metal hard rock will be delighted! Not that I Want to Be Sedated, Iron Man, You've Got Another Thing Comin ', Symphony of Destruction and more to choose from! Guitar Hero There are many different packages to choose from Aerosmith to Metallica and others.

Guitar Hero bundles is composed of four levels of difficulty. One can start with the easy level, of course, which has fun playing with your favorite playlists! When ready to crank up the levels more difficult - you can go to several places and with different guitars and unlock characters - the keys of these songs are becoming very difficult as you progress to higher levels. But still, it's a blast pounding on the notes, and then you get into the music and beckons with open air guitar and start having fun.

The sound is very good, and you will get a real increase audience cheering crowd. The images available are quiet reasonable - but the game is not about image (right?). The only thing to do is be attentive to press the buttons correctly. Guitar Hero package is the perfect gift and entertainment section for your home.

The next important thing about
Guitar Hero bundles is the design of the key. I got in loved with the strum bar. When you see the buttons above the neck, I'm going to say a big BUT! Very horrible. Across the five buttons are all in a straight line. All buttons must be pressed and accurately hit a note. Should be designed with an angle - must be both angled a bit diagonally, as the manner in which a hand holding a real guitar neck. It should also be angled up, down so that your fingers press the buttons at an angle. The current design of Guitar Hero bundles is that the buttons tend to jam and stick. It's very frustrating when you make mistakes with this bad design.