Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Day I Learned How Important Home Security Is

I had never thought much about home security Austin until the day that I realized my home had been burglarized. I was asleep in my bed at the time, with my wife beside me, but the worst thing was that my son, who was only four, was sleeping alone in his room down the hall. None of us woke up at all – we came downstairs in the morning and saw a blank spot on the wall where our television used to be. I don't really mind the fact that we had to buy a new one, since money is just money, and you can't take it with you, and all that.

What really bothered me was the idea that strange men had been walking around my house with my 4 year old son asleep in his bed and I hadn't know anything about it. They could easily have beaten him up, or kidnapped him, or worse – who knows what could have happened if he had gone downstairs for a drink of water while they were doing their dirty work? I installed a home security system the very next day, with as many alarms and alert systems as they would sell me.

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